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Presentation title
California Institute of Technology
DECam-GROWTH search for the faint counterparts to distant binary neutron star and neutron star-black hole mergers in O3
Stellar Astrophysics Centre, Aarhus University
SONG - status of a global network of telescopes
Space Exploration Ltd
Kingsland Observatory Spain: A Unique Range of Leading Edge Instrumentation
Sociedad Malagueña de Astronomía
Shiraz university
Atatük University - ATASAM
DAG-MAM and Remote Control System (UKEP)
IES Pablo de Saz - Marbella (SPAIN)
The use of robotic telescopes in the Science-IES Project in Spain
Space debris observation with the BOOTES network
Universidad de Málaga
Automated meteor recognition methods
University of Malaga
TAOS II: The Robotic Operations
The BOOTES Network in the Gravitational Wave Era and the complementary 10.4m GTC follow-up observations
Real Observatorio de la Armada
The ROA laser station: from artificial satellites to space debris tracking
Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences
TUBITAK National Observatory
A New Improvements on TUG-T60 Robotic Telescope
Observatorio Andaluz de Astronomía
Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía
Jerry Fishman
The Early History of GRBs - A Personal View
Space Science Institute
Machine Learning for Bad Pixel and Anomaly Detection
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